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I think I’m bleeding out the left side of my chest, I’m dyin’,

But I’ve made peace with my soul, so I’ll be fine.

I keep apologizing to myself all the time.

I wake up at night and cry for the child that died.

And I’m so fucking sorry that I treated him badly,

And I’m sorry I didn’t know the right from the wrong path,

And I’m sorry that I’m stuck up and I’m sorry that I’m a fuck up,

And I’m sorry that I put you in the corner when my luck’s up.

I’m sorry that I sold you to the devil when in doubt

But at least I fought to get it back and I’m glad that

I had a second chance that most never did, but still kid,

I stabbed myself in the back, ain’t no way to fix this.

A cold reflection of the world itself, it’s hell, but still, It’s home,

So I’m going forth alone…

This shattered broken throne is mine alone to atone

For all the sins I own.

I’ll go where the dead kings roam and the rest sing songs,

About how we faded from existence to turn into legends;

A myth. But shit, I guess if the story fits,

Anything is possible within this holy pit!

It’s a blessing they tell us I tell ‘em no it’s a curse,

And worse, I had the audacity to put it in verse.

I’m tired of all the hate, the pain, the racist faces,

All of it a disgrace to the human race.

Let’s all of us trade places and see how it feels,

If the other side of the coin holds any less appeal.

I bet not, so let’s not, get caught up,

In the bustle and flow, watching the centuries grow

Wait, I think I’ve been here before,

I’ve walked this Earth a damn long time ago,

When the summers were young,

And the winters were long and cold.

Before the genocides, before the fall of Rome.

Before the pyramids and before the first-born.

Through the storms the rains and snows,

I saw the mountains being formed and the oceans being born.

Saw Civilization’s dawn, ancient oaths being sworn.

Same fucking place, the race of man was torn.

I’m the last of a dying breed, defeated but not deceased.

Deceived but living still; purely on iron will.

Heaven-sent but hellbent? That’s fucking Ren.

And I’d give it all away, just to let it end…

I’ve seen the same sights,

the same fights,

the same cries at night,

So, I try to decipher,

the purpose of this life.

But I know I’m fallen,

So I keep on crawling,

on both knees, I’m calling,

The heavens, I’m all in…


Shades of Artistry.

Love to the 604,

ReadAsWritten (R.A.W.)